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  • A soloist concert for saxophone, basson and trombone

    Giacinto Scelsi (1905-1988), Tre Pezzi (1956)
Tom Johnson (1939), Tilework (2005)
Alexander Mincek (1975), Ali (2010)
    Eguzki Irusta Salles saxofono
    Dai Fujikura (1977), Calling (2011)
    Olivia Palmer-Baker fagotto
    Bent Sørensen (1958), The Bells of Vineta (1990)
    Annaroosa Lampela trombone

  • The voices of the Call for Young Performers #1

    Mauro Montalbetti, Night dances
    Elena Tereshchenko mezzosoprano – Yuko Ito pianoforte
    György Ligeti, Der Sommer
    Lucia Filaci soprano – Yuko Ito pianoforte
    Antonio Covello, Di salmastro e di terra (prima esecuzione assoluta)
    Federica Cassati contralto
    Mario Pagotto, Quattro Liriche amorose (...

  • EPC - Behind The W.A.L.L, Gaudeamus (The Netherlands)

    A documentary about Aart Strootman
    by Dries Alkemade

    On July 12th, 2021 DEDS published the video of the concert that presented at Gaudeamus Muziekweek 2019 the piece W.A.L.L, which Aart Strootman wrote for a 21 sqm large self-made marimba.
    Dries Alkemade, filmmaker, actor and Aart’s friend, fo...

  • EPC - impuls, concert from Text im Klang #4

    'Text im Klang' is a workshop that takes place within the impuls academy in Graz and its festival of the same name. Media weaves focused on the concept of 'impulse'. Every year the festival commissions new works from young composers. In 2020 they were inspired by the writings of Thomas Antonic an...

  • EPC - Mixture Festival (Spain), Woman in contemporay scene

    In the middle of the 21st century, we still feel the need to organise round tables to talk about the role of women as creators of art. Why is this still necessary? Have we done our duty in the last decades? Are we moving towards normalisation? Or are we noticing that the issue is unresolved? Are ...

  • EPC - The IEMA ensemble presents itself: Sugar, maths and whips

    A concert as part of the International Ensemble Modern Academy course at the HfDMK in Frankfurt

    Michael Beil: swap - for flute, oboe, clarinet, audio and video (2014)
    Simon Steen-Andersen: Next to Beside Besides #1 - for amplified double bass solo
    Simon Steen-Andersen: Next to Beside Besides #4 ...

  • EPC European Partners’ Concerts, Black Page Orchestra (Austria)

    Peter Ablinger (1959)
da Black Series (2013), Mondrian-Serie
    Aart Strootman (1987), Dwell in Darkness (2021)*
    Eva Reiter (1976)
Konter, (2009)
    Mirela Ivičević (1980)
Song (2014)
    *** *** *** *** *** ***
    Sarah Nemtsov (1980)
White Eyes Erased (2014/15)
    Matthias Kranebitter (1980)
Combative music a...

  • EPC European Partners' Concerts (and Meetings)

    8 videos

    Online from July 5th, 7 pm